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Forget me not masonic pin brooch with rhinestones. Made of copper with plating in […]


Lodge collar jewel for chancellor. Laser cutted, made of stainless steel Size: 6 x […]


Eye of Horus masonic pendant. Made of gold plated stainless steel. Diameter: 3,3 cm […]


Masonic gift trowel with engraved symbols. Made of zinc alloy,  with wooden handle. Size: […]


This cute – forget- me not freemasons bowtie is a perfect gift forall initiated […]

16 13

Forget- me- not masonic tie A  symbolic  gift for  newly admitted and initiated in […]

25 20

Masonic ring with square and compasses. Acommon masonic simbol, suitable for every mason. Made […]

17 14

Masonic Cufflinks with square and compasses Gold plated, with blue enamel and the most […]

14 9

About us

M Fashion has been offering masonic regalia and accessories since the year 2000. We offer a wide range of masonic aprons, collars, gloves, jewels, plaques, and gifts.

Our high-quality products are reflective of years of experience in textile design and production, as well as our robust knowledge of masonic symbolism and regulations.

We ship our products to all locations in Bulgaria and will soon be able to offer deliveries in all world countries.

Please make an enquiry at info@freemasonstore.eu, +359 887 632669 or by visiting our store at 10 Liditse Str, Sofia, Bulgaria.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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