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Masonic watch made of stainless steel. An original gift for  initiated in masonry. Diameter- […]


Unique masonic coin pendant forget- me- not Hand engraved on 20 english penny. A […]


Unique collection of masonic copper plates. Hand engraved and embedded in aged wood frame. […]


Lodge officers apron set  in dark blue color and gold trimming braid. Set of […]


Masonic ring with square and compasses. Acommon masonic simbol, suitable for every mason. Made […]


The Masonic Cufflinks with square and compasses are gold plated, made of black enamel, […]

14 8

Acacia  cufflinks with black enamel and gold plating A wonderful gift for  every master […]

23 18

Immediate past master jewel. Gold plated IPM jewel with blue enamel ornaments, corresponding to  […]

38 32

Shortly About Us

Since 2000, M Fashion has been producing regalia and requisites for Masonic lodges, insignia, jewelery and accessories. We offer a wide assortment of aprons, breasts, ceremonial garments, gloves, dignitary signs, plaques and symbols. Our products combine years of experience in the field of textile design, as well as knowledge of symbolism and canon. They are distinguished by high quality, precise finish and aesthetic appearance.

In addition to our catalogs, we offer the following services:
Production on a sample provided by the customer
Design work
Creating a graphic project for regalia
Creating a graphic design for signs and plaques
Creating a graphic design for embroidered flags
Personalized regalia, aprons and gifts

10 Liditse st., Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
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Bulgaria, Sofia 1574

10 Lidice Str.

+359 887 632 669



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